November 15, 2007

This week is about fixing things. People may mock carpentry, but carpentry builds, carpentry fixes. Carpentry is important. Carpentry is the dad realizing that he knows six things about the baby that he thought he hadn’t bonded with. Carpentry is Bailey fixing things so that both she and Callie get what the need.

Hetero life partners, er, McDreamy & The Chief. We have not laughed this long in a really, really, REALLY long time. The dry cleaning bit was the most hilarious thing EVER. But we’re glad they sorted things out.

Mark: 1) You so want Hahn. Maybe she’s right and it’s because she doesn’t want you, but it doesn’t matter because you TOTALLY want her. 2) We still love you and Derek as friends, so much more than as competitors.

Hahn: We are glad you are here, but we really do NOT understand why you are so viciously mean to Cristina. Are you taking your issues with Preston out on her, or are you just testing her? Either way, we love you because you totally call the men of Seattle Grace on their crap.

Callie: We love you… we really really do. We don’t know why it’s dump on Callie season, but we have faith that you will come out on the other end the better for it. Plus, when you’re not chief resident, you will be able to rock out and break bones all you want.

George and Izzie: Give up. You are fabulous friends; you are a miserable couple. Just stop, ok? Stop.

Bailey: We love you. We love you even more now. You were hella mean to Callie, but probably nobody’s going to hold it against you.

Alex, Lexie, Meredith: We just might forgive Alex for being such an ass to George one of these days, and being the standup guy in the face of DrunkDaddy gets you points. Meredith, you just need to get over yourself. Lexie, oh Lexie. We just don’t know.


We are slackers…

November 14, 2007

See, the problem with two doctoral students keeping a TV blog is, well, that we’re two doctoral students.

I’m going to write last week’s snark RIGHT NOW.  Promise.

We are once again watching separately because SOMEBODY who shall remain nameless has their priorities backwards, I mean, loves the Red Sox more than they love Grey’s Anatomy. (Go Sox!)  And how apropos that it takes until Halloween to actually get it posted!

Selena’s note: Holy crap, the writers are back. No apologies for being true to my team. Points to anyone who can tell me who the tenth player is. Tessie, we’re not here to mess around.

Now, on to the actual snark…

Halloween is the time when life is closest to death, things die, things are born.

Callie, oh how we love you. You have to deal now, you can’t play the ostrich anymore. Your marriage is ending, your friendship with Cristina beginning. Too bad there will never ever be the trifecta of Callie – Cristina – Bailey because those three could literally SAVE THE WORLD. They are superheroes.

Bailey, you got that the kid was trick-or-treating for ears. You are such a sucker and we love you for it. Why does no one ask if you are okay? George got it, you had to line it up for him, but he gets it. Is your marriage ending? It does not have to. You are the Queen of Seattle Grace, but Richard is right, you need to find balance. You need balance, little Charlie George needs you.

George, you win. You win at being a human being and making Lexie cry. Also, at convincing a reticent man, but no, you were not careful about Callie’s feelings. This maybe the beginning of your adulthood.

Cristina, teaming up with the other strong healing women is key. Watch out for Hahn, she pulls no punches, but we think she may respect you in the end.  (psstt…let Callie tidy up)  And you so totally ARE a closed circle.

Meredith, a “Bag full of mommy” is a little weird, but that was a perfect ending.  Of all the people to walk in and see you doing that, Richard is the right one.  Ellis would absolutely want to be washed down the drain in the scrub room.  Loved the juxtaposition of their hands. You are trying to evolve, but will McDreamy still be there when you arrive?

Richard, your marriage is finally really ending. Too bad you lost the apartment. And kudos to you for helping Meredith. You knew and loved Ellis; this was your goodbye too.

McLookin, oh my. All of Seattle Grace (including McPerky) is hunting you like a s(t)urgeon in season. And it’s all Mark’s fault; Mark and Derek as friends is a beautiful thing to behold. Meredith is trying to evolve, will she be in time?

McPerky, How can you be a general surgery resident and NOT know all of these people!?!? You still need to be pushed down the stairs. We are with Meredith, no wedding for you.

Hahn. Oh my. So very hardcore, and we love you for it. You totally just called Cristina on the carpet and while we love Cristina, you are right. You and Cristina are going to get along like a house on fire. What is the quote? “there may be no survivors”.

Mark, Nurses United Against Mark Sloane… there are at least two of them!!! Enough to form a club? That’s a lot of nurses, but why is McDreamy doing that surgery all by himself? Maybe the club is not a big as we think. Mark, it is time for your new beginning and pro bono surgery is a good first step. You have miles to go though.

Alex, you love Ava. Hrm… has there ever been doctor-patient nookie in the on call room? YES, actually, now there has been. She asked you not to chicken out. She left you her shirt, you know what you need to do. This is a test, don’t fail.

Our diagnosis points today will come for the person who can figure out what the hell is up with that guy and his foot… Sarah guessed restless leg. Selena gets the points for both psych diagnosis and the early call on “Who the hell let a chainsaw in here with a guy who wants to cut off his foot?”… and now it’s kind of a moot point, isn’t it? Working at a bank means that you’re NOT crazy. Clearly. Just like stealing a chain saw and cutting of your leg. riiiiigghhhhttt.

Lexie, you have just proved the point that Grey women at crazy. Driven, well-meaning, but crazy. Also, you ask too many questions.

Norman, you are wise. I hope that this doesn’t mean that you’re going to go away… the crazies at Seattle Grace need you, and we DON’T mean the ones in the psych ward. You can see it clearly and you called it all.

And thank you heart patient for allowing George to shine, and ear boy for “back to the sea is better than a cubby”.

Focus on the what?

October 20, 2007

We watched across international borders rather than just one big fat state way, and at different times. It is less fun this way.  A lot less fun.

George, you just might understand now.  Adult mistakes carry adult consequences.  And yet… Sarah at least feels a little big sorry for him.

Callie, we love you. We want to have your strength when we grow up. Let Bailey help. She will think no less of you.  The two of you together will bring awesome to new heights.

Bailey, we love you Your Majesty. It scares us that you read minds so well.

Number 3, You will be fine. Follow, listen. Try not to antagonize Cristina.

Izzy, oh honey. You misunderstood. This is no small infraction and you hurt far more people than you ever knew.

Alex, why not Alex indeed. You thought Izzy would come back to you after Denny. She had no idea you loved her, did you?

Cristina, everything grows and changes. McDreamy is a tricksie one isn’t he? You will find teaching easier than McPlastics does.

McDreamy, Whoa. You know what you want and 48 hrs in Sonoma is not going to do it. You protect the baby duck intern, but do you protect yourself as well?

Norman, dude. You are the hot potato intern. Please stop trying to be cool.  Remember when you were in junior high and somebody’s parent tried to talk like the kids?  You’re that guy.  Don’t be that guy;  just shut up and listen.

Richard, you finally get it. Adele does not understand that you are protecting your family and being a doctor at the same time.

and Meredith. You will lose it all if you are not more careful. Find some therapy, Seattle is a big place, I am sure you can find something.

Diagnosis score: Big fat goose eggs, but Sarah did call the Crohn’s  diagnosis on Private Practice on Wednesday night.

Just say it…

October 12, 2007

Meredith. The Queen of Seattle Grace is right. You have been mean Mean MEAN to your poor little half-sister who doesn’t want to be at Seattle Grace anyway. Your poor little half sister who is now (thankfully) NOT going to sleep with Alex because of what a jerk he was to George. (But I digress.) You did the right thing, having her try to intubate the dead guy. You could be a good teacher, in the right circumstances. And maybe now that you’ve laid out exactly what happened to Dead Step Mommy, the two of you can put your little family nonsense behind you and at least co-exist.

The Queen of Seattle Grace. Bailey SO wants to take care of Callie. She can see that Callie is floundering, but the sting of not being there and NOT floundering (because, really. There’s no flounder in our girl Miranda.) is still too raw. So she yells at Alex some more (which Alex deserved, and I hope she lights into him for the crappy thing he did to George, too) and when she’s done with that, she goes back throws Callie a life preserver. Which Callie, thankfully, accepts. Because, poor Callie, things are going to get worse before they get better. I hope she can recover her awesomeness after all that George is putting her through.

Cristina. Meredith should know Cristina well enough to know that she is not moping. Cristina is too emotionally retarded to mope. She is not, however, too emotionally retarded to be manipulative, so we do have to give her credit for that one.

Izzie. Can we be done with whiny bitchy Izzie now? Please? No, seriously. We’re over it. Seriously. We do, however, love Charlie (rhymes with toast). Charlie who knows more than anybody else about what’s going on with Bailey’s Interns, that’s for sure. And he’s smart. Old, crochety, pissed the hell off, but smart. We were trying to remember… did anybody ever have sex in his room? Because THAT would have been hilarious to hear him expound on. In any case, he gave Izzie the wakeup call that maybe she needed to STOP BEING SO ANNOYING. Also, Izzie? Stay away from the electrical trades.

George. You aren’t as spineless as some people think you are – you’re willing to stand up to Derek. You’re willing to stand up to the Chief. But when it comes to your women? You are spineless. Also, it really sucks what Alex did to you.

McSteamy/McChief. Why are you guys the ones doing this surgery? Does Seattle Grace, in addition to lacking a sufficient supply of nurses (although we do applaud the addition of the fun-to-look-at Nurse Tyler – or had he always been there and we were just too blinded by Burke’s beauty to notice?), also lack, say, an ONCOLOGIST? Here, let’s just page Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital… Wilson doesn’t have enough to do over there, since House keeps not diagnosing people with cancer.

Alex… Alex, Alex, Alex. We love you, we really do. Ever since you carried Izzie out of Denny’s room and all the way to Meredith’s house so she could lie oh-so-dramatically on the bathroom floor for an entire summer plus a couple of episodes, we have loved you. We love you when you are taking care of babies and kids, standing up to people, getting yelled at by Bailey. But for what you just did to George, you are back to being McJerk. Congratulations.

Weekly diagnosis score: Selena 0, Sarah 0. We were all ready for there to be some big dramatic medical thing when they had the lady’s head jacked open and freaked out, but really, those cowboys had just bitten off more than they could chew, even with their fully functional tongues.

oh my addiction…

George, addicted to Izzy, realizes his marriage was a bad idea. Welcome to the party George.

Izzy realizes you should not shit where you eat. Still happens though huh.

McSteamy is addicted to nurses (Olivia, the nurse Alex slept with and who? Is there another hospital on the same block?)

We love Preston’s Mama. She is here in the lobby to fix everything, and does. Share the healing, spread the pain.

Her Majesty of Seattle Grace is addicted to being in charge of her interns, not new ones. She still is. She does not want new ones. Much deserved smack down is handed to Alex…

Alex is addicted to saving the defenseless. Bad idea to do that before the police come to help though. Points for taking your smack down with humility.

Callie is addicted to…being in control. Not today. Hint 1. Do Not Do Not Do Not cross the Queen. That backfires, like when suddenly people are working where you said they would not.

Cristina … Cristina, you can buy some people with your wedding gifts, but not Bailey, and yes, carnage trumps rounds. P.S.Mama is in the lobby and knows you are avoiding her.

Meredith. Addicted to stupidity. Must you push everyone who can help you away? You do get points for apologizing to Mama.

McDreamy (McJunkie) is addicted to you know who. He should have just gone out for the drink with McSteamy.

and Lexie. Just ouch. How unfair is it that she has the Izzy/Meredith combo neurosis?  The smack she gets is not hers.

But really, everyone does something honorable and good this week, even while hosing it up 6 ways from Sunday.

This week’s diagnosis score: Selena 1, Sarah 1 (We both called crashing on the CT table.)

The bad thing about bloggers who are also parents and doctoral students is that season premieres happen in weeks when we’re really hellaciously busy.  So you get the snark a week late.

We both want our own personal zombies.  Double bonus points if the zombie is interally decapitated, TRIPLE bonus points if it’s a deer.  Speaking of which, Izzie is the QUEEN of big rescues that take place on any kind of moving vehicle.

We adore Bailey above all… Baily is beyond Head Resident… she is The Queen of Seattle Grace.

Oh, and Mer and Der have about as good a grasp of “break up” as some college roommates who shall remain nameless.

Diagnosis score: Selena 1; Sarah 0.  She called the Pica straight off.

Anybody found any McSteamy/McDreamy fic yet?